4' Petite Allegro Barre

$225.00 - $325.00

4' Petite Allegro Ballet Barre



PETITE ALLEGRO - Single Wall Mounted Barre Set (Full-Saddle)
When you want to strengthen and tone PETITE ALLEGRO Single Wall Mounted Barre will support all of your fitness goals and ballet dreams.  
The traditional full saddle provides strength and a powerful visual appeal.
Everything is included! (1 Barre + 2 Brackets + Hardware + Installation Instructions)
BARRE (1):  4 Feet Long
The ideal diameter (1 5/8”) Ash wood barre is strong for fitness/dance and easy to grip for female and male users of all ages.  With beveled ends, this natural hardwood is sanded and ready to install for splinter-free use.  
Barre Care:  Unfinished wood is the traditional choice.  Barres will naturally patina (darken in color and develop a sheen) over time.  Maintain your barre by cleaning weekly with baby wipes.  For additional care sand with 220 grit sandpaper and apply Tung Oil once every 6 months to resist water, bacteria, yellowing and darkening while preserving the wood’s strength and flexibility.


BRACKETS (2):  (available in a choice of classic colors:  black, white or silver)
Crafted with thick steel and a powder-coated color finish for strength and durability, these brackets will last for generations!  The standard 7” projection from the wall to the center of the barre provides strength for resistance bands and allows room to stretch without being too close to the wall.
HARDWARE: For maximum strength, each bracket includes bolts (2) for installing the bracket into the wall and screws (2) for securing the barre to the brackets.  
Important:  Always install ballet barres into a solid support (wood studs, wood blocking or concrete.  Drywall alone will not provide a safe and strong support for any ballet barre.  Do not install directly onto a mirror.  Consult with a licensed contractor for additional installation advice.
INSTALLATION:  The barre is fully secured to the bracket with 2 screws beneath the saddle.
Standard height for fitness is 34-39” and for ballet is 40”-42” from the floor to the center of the barre.